KTM Adventure 1050 – 1290 Fuel Pump Easy Connect


Everyone loves the new KTM Adventures bikes, but no one enjoys removing the gas tank to perform simple maintenance.   Previously we’ve addressed the fuel cross-over line by introducing our Billet Fuel Taps.   Now we’ve solved the frustrating fuel pump electrical connector with our new Fuel Pump Easy Connect Kit.   Inserted between the factory Sumitomo connectors, our simple twist lock connector is both easy to use and completely waterproof.   We’ve even added a wire strain relief which raises the factory harness up and away from potential rock damage, and re-routed it to allow connecting/disconnecting the fuel pump after lifting the tank out of the way… this means no more crawling on the ground searching for the factory connector.   Our kit is simple to install and includes quality 3M adhesive lined heat shrink to secure and seal the factory connectors, dielectric grease, zip ties and everything needed to complete the conversion.  Fits KTM Adventure models 1050-1290, years 2013-2018

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Installation Instructions – Easy Pump Connector Kit

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Dimensions 6 × 5 × 1 in


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