PowerCell Compact Service Stand



Once again, the game has changed…

Introducing the new PowerCell Compact Service Stand.   Designed for both the professional and home mechanic.   Leave in the shop or take it to the track, it’s completely portable and weighs a mere 18lbs… yet it can lift 800!  Requires no outside power source so it’s great at track side.   Extreme stability is the result of precision machining… eliminating virtually all side wobble seen in other stands.  Safety features like our auto-lift pedal (no more tripping as you work around your bike) and the release lockout pin make this stand a big step up in workshop safety.


• Fully Self Contained – requires no compressed air of electricity!

• 10 to 16 Inch Lift Range – works on MX through Adventure bikes!

• 800lbs capacity – highest capacity of any stand on the market!

• 7:1 Mechanical Lift Ratio –  lift 600lbs with only 78 lbs of force!

• Designed to Last a Lifetime – precision billet construct!

• Proudly Made in the USA!




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Additional information

Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 10 in


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